Welcome to the Slaves of Shadow campaign. If you are already here, you are super early.

The Southland continent is a harsh world, where the sun beats down like the gods throwing fireballs to break the earth. Seas end in deserts with interspersed jungle. Most of the water that is found is tainted by the sea. Settlers have worked to force the land to their will. Finding ways to purify water and irrigate crops has taken long and back breaking effort. The men and women from the Great Continent have all died and their children’s children are old now. Few people from the colonies have ever even seen the great continent.

The danger of the new land is only eclipsed by the demons from New Barka. Slavers capture indigenous humanoids as well as the colonists, forcing them into the mines or worse. You hear that the battle has ended in your homeland, but there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for you…

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Slaves of Shadow